How It Works! makes it easy to create one-of-a-kind, fully illustrated story books that you'll want to share with everyone! We offer two different ways to create stories.

1. From Scratch Stories: Ai generated plot and images. Fully editable and customizable.

2. Templated Stories: Human written plots, drop your pet into the story as the main character. Images generated using AI.

From Scratch Stories

From the Bookshelf tab click Try It in the From Scratch Stories section.
Type literaly anything: Do you already have the entire plot of a story in your head? Or maybe you only have the main character in mind? Whatever you write down will go through our AI story outliner and come back to you with a story.
Once you have your AI-created outline: read through it and feel free to make any changes or tweaks you like. You can rename characters, change their descriptions, or even alter the entire plot. This is your story, so make it your own.
You have a full story! read through each page and make any necessary changes. If you don't like the text on a page, simply click the pencil button and edit it to your liking. If you're not happy with the image, you can change it by clicking the image icon.
Get your copy: go to the wrap-up section. From there, you can either download a digital copy of your book or purchase a physical copy. And remember, as per our Terms of Service, you own the rights to your book.

Templated Stories

Choose a story template: We have a variety of outlines to choose from. Each story will have sections that you get to fill in using your imagination—and then watch it come to life!
Add your pet to the story: All of our stories center around one or more animals as the main characters. By filling in the name and breed of your pet (or favorite animal), we'll use cutting-edge AI technology to draw it right onto the page!
- For example, if the main character is riding a bike, we'll create a picture of your pet riding a bike too!
Customize and create: Whether you're making your book alone or with loved ones, filling in the story and watching it come to life is a blast. On each page, you'll have the opportunity to create several different images and select your favorite.
Get your book: When you're finished, we'll create high-resolution versions of your images and print your story in a beautiful, high-quality hardcover book. We'll even ship it right to your doorstep.
It's that easy! With, you can create a book that's special and unique just for you or your family. Start creating your book today and make memories that will last a lifetime.

Your Own Story Book, LLC

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